Camila Rey Da Rosa Advanced Mechatronics Apprentice

Meet the apprentices thriving at Amazon as we launch 1,000 new roles

As Amazon continues to invest in the UK, creating 1,000 more full-time apprenticeship roles in 2021, our apprentices have been sharing their stories ahead of National Apprenticeship Week
on 05 February 2021
Apprenticeship opportunities at Amazon have never been more exciting. This year we’ll be offering 1,000 new full-time apprenticeship roles in 25 different schemes to match a diverse range of skillsets and ambitions – from automation engineering to broadcast production, robotics to safety technician.

1000 new full-time Apprenticeships
Over 500 new apprenticeships will be offered to our existing workforce, providing opportunities to retrain and gain new skills leading to an exciting new career path. Apprenticeships exclusively for Amazon employees range from becoming a team leader through to a coaching practitioner.

An apprenticeship is a perfect way to combine theoretical learning with practical, hands-on experience, all while being paid to train. Once qualified, apprentices will have the potential to work across Amazon’s UK sites including fulfilment centres, delivery stations, sortation centres, the UK head offices in London and Manchester, and the three development centres in Edinburgh, Cambridge and London.

The programs span a variety of roles across our business and across the UK, lasting between 14 months and four years. The roles, which pay minimum of £10.80 p/h in the London area and £9.70 p/h in other parts of the UK, up to £30,000 a year for degree-level apprenticeships, include 100 degree-level apprenticeships in automation engineering, project management, software development and chartered management.

John Boumphrey, UK Country Manager, Amazon: “We are proud to be creating new opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds across the UK to gain skills through our apprenticeship programmes in 25 different fields, from logistics to robotics. An Amazon apprenticeship offers an exciting career path, creating opportunities within our local communities across the UK and helping our own employees retrain and gain new skills, at a time when investing in people and jobs has never been more important.”

To find out more, we spoke to apprentices across the UK who are thriving in their roles.
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    David Ram (52), Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship
    David Ram Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship
    David was made redundant after working in the banking industry for 15 years. He always wanted to gain a degree qualification, but life followed a different route until he accessed an apprenticeship with Amazon.

    Based at our Rugby fulfilment centre, David has been promoted to an area manager in just one year. He no longer has a long commute to work and is able to study alongside his job without the need to work extra hours or days.

    “Take my experience as an example - you’re never too old to start something new and start at the bottom,” David explains. “It’s fantastic I’m getting to do a degree at this stage of my life, all while doing a job that I love.”
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    Steven Giddings (39), recently completed the Team Leader apprenticeship scheme
    Steven Giddings, team leader
    Steven managed a family-owned leisure business for 16 years before joining Amazon in 2016. He joined as a temporary associate and never expected to be offered a permanent role, but grabbed the opportunity just two months after joining. Based at our Gourock fulfilment centre, he was recently offered a permanent role as Outbound Shipping Team Lead.

    “The opportunities the apprenticeship has opened up for me within Amazon are incredible. I am thankful for the knowledge it offers which will allow me to progress in my career within in the company. I only wish that I had joined Amazon sooner!”
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    Jess Grech (23), Buying and Merchandising Apprentice
    Jess Grech Buying and Merchandising Apprentice
    Jess grew up in London and is now based in the Product Development Team in Fashion Buying (Softlines) at Amazon’s London Headquarters.

    From a young age, Jess had a keen interest in fashion: “My passion started when I was at school. I love how style can help people to express themselves and stand out. I took part in a fashion internship which helped me learn about the different aspects of the industry, from design to sustainability.”

    In the second year of her apprenticeship role, Jess is learning how to use new tools and programmes which are vital to the industry: “Working at Amazon I have room to grow, freedom to launch my own projects and encouragement to collaborate with people across the business.”

    She now has a career mentor, a tutor and a line manager running regular catch-ups: “Working remotely during the pandemic, I’ve always felt supported.”

    Jess has applied what she’s learnt from the apprenticeship into launching her own sustainable fashion business, The Grandad Company.
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    Camila Rey Da Rosa (37), Advanced Mechatronics Apprentice
    Camila Rey Da Rosa Advanced Mechatronics Apprentice
    Camila, based at our Hemel Hempstead fulfilment centre, previously worked as an occupational health nurse, but wanted to try something different.

    She was offered a place at university prior to receiving the offer to become an Amazon apprentice but thought that the more hands-on approach of the Amazon apprenticeship programme would serve her better for the future.

    “The apprenticeship at Amazon has been a brilliant experience and has offered me many opportunities that I couldn’t get elsewhere. The skills and knowledge I have gained through the course have completely changed my mind set and challenged me to focus on finding the solution for every problem.”

    Camila, now vice chair on the apprentice board at the Women’s Engineering Society, adds: “I have loved the opportunity to work alongside so many amazing Amazon engineers and would encourage everyone to sign up and give the apprenticeship a go!”
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    Anjalee Vichhi (20), Digital Marketing Apprentice
    Anjalee Vicchi Digital Marketing Apprentice
    Anjalee is a digital marketer in the EU Brand team, working on social media programmes for Amazon Music.

    She started her own graphic design business after school while working in retail and developed her own YouTube channel. Later on, she wanted to develop and refine these skills in digital marketing – and an Amazon apprenticeship unlocked that door.

    “No day is ever the same in my role, which I find thrilling! One day, I could be brainstorming ideas and briefing in an exciting new team project, and the next day I could be promoting content through paid media. It’s ever-changing!”

    Anjalee explains why she chose an apprenticeship over university, “I wanted to learn transferable skills that could be used across the digital marketing department.”

    Equipped with new skills, she now has “more freedom” to tailor her career path in the near future. “My aim is to become a Social Media Manager and to lead large and impactful campaigns. My apprenticeship will lay the foundations for me to achieve this goal and will kick start my career in digital marketing.”
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    Hal Stanfield (25), IT Apprentice
    Hal Stanfield IT Apprentice
    Hal is based in the Networking and Project Management team at the Amazon Development Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland.

    Born and raised locally, Hal initially joined Amazon’s customer service team. Through the Amazon Career Choice Programme, he developed a burgeoning interest in IT and embarked on a part-time college course in computing with on-the-job training through the IT apprenticeship.

    “I wouldn’t have been able to make this career change without Amazon. It’s been great for my confidence, I’m now so much more skilled and engaged in my role.”

    Hal adds that the apprenticeship has been the best career choice he’s ever made: “In my role I get to talk to people in all areas of the business, which I really enjoy. There’s also a strong community in the apprenticeship programme that has developed through group activities and chats, despite the pandemic.”

To join our apprentices in your dream Amazon role, find out more and apply today –
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