Sustainability image - fern at Amazon Spheres
Amazon Spheres - photo of fern

Amazon further strengthens commitment to gender equity

Amazon signs the United Nations Women’s Empowerment Principles and makes $1 million donation to the Resilience Fund for Women in Global Value Chains.

Amazon backs Amogy and Hippo Harvest’s sustainability technologies

Emissions-free power system and greenhouse agriculture are part of The Climate Pledge Fund’s latest investments.

Amazon increases renewable energy procurement by 40% in one year

Amazon’s renewable energy investments equal the energy use of 9 million European homes as part of plans to reach net-zero carbon by 2040.

Customers can use Amazon Trade-In to recycle their old electronic devices

As well as increasing the number of devices that are recycled, Amazon Trade-In provides customers with Amazon Gift Cards to save on future purchases.

EU businesses that move to AWS Cloud can improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions

451 Research finds AWS infrastructure to be five times more energy efficient than the average European enterprise data centre

Amazon helps mobilise $1 billion to protect rainforests worldwide

Together with governments and leading companies around the globe, Amazon is accelerating climate action as part of the LEAF Coalition, an ambitious public-private initiative.

Amazon’s first Scottish wind farm project comes online

Located on the Kintyre Peninsula in Scotland, Amazon’s wind farm is one of the largest unsubsidised onshore wind projects in the UK and is now delivering clean energy to the grid.

Customers in Europe can now shop for more than 100,000 Climate Pledge Friendly products on Amazon

Five new certifications join the programme in Europe, growing the number of products available to more than 200,000 globally

Amazon’s new online course shows kids how to make a difference through recycling

These free new online courses aim to encourage positive recycling behaviour from an early stage in a fun and straightforward way.
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