Sustainability image - fern at Amazon Spheres
Amazon Spheres - photo of fern

Amazon will donate £5 to WRAP for each electrical and electronic device recycled via our take-back programme

We’re celebrating UK Recycle Week by donating to WRAP for every item recycled through our take-back programme until 31 October 2021.

The Climate Pledge announces 86 new signatories

More than 200 global organisations—including new signatories ASOS, Procter & Gamble, HP, and Salesforce—have now joined The Climate Pledge and are pursuing ambitious carbon-reduction activities to fight climate change.

Amazon’s new programmes give returned and unsold inventory new life

FBA Liquidations and FBA Grade and Resell programmes are the next steps for Amazon in helping to build a circular economy

Amazon invests in ION Energy to help economy shift to low-carbon

ION Energy is the first India-based startup supported by The Climate Pledge Fund, a $2 billion investment programme to help develop sustainable and decarbonising tech and services.

Amazon invests in BETA Technologies to accelerate zero-emission air transportation

Amazon Climate Pledge Fund recipient BETA Technologies is reshaping air transportation with its fully-electric, zero-emission aircraft.

Amazon helps you recycle products that you no longer need

Recycling is easier than ever before with Amazon's convenient collection service in the UK.

Amazon announces issuance of $1 billion Sustainability Bond

The sustainability bond will fund ongoing and new sustainability projects that advance people and the planet.

Amazon joins global initiative to protect tropical rainforests

The LEAF Coalition is a new public-private global initiative to raise at least $1 billion to protect the world’s tropical rainforests.

The Climate Pledge celebrates more than 100 signatories

Together, Pledge signatories generate over $1.4 trillion in global annual revenues and have more than 5 million employees across 25 industries in 16 countries.
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