Inka Kouakou holding croissants in the Amazon Fresh bakery
Inka Kouakou is a Store Employee at Amazon Fresh Wood Wharf

Meet the team behind our Amazon Fresh UK stores

With six Amazon Fresh grocery convenience stores now open in London, find out more about the people bringing them to life
on 08 September 2021
Our Amazon Fresh stores in the UK offer customers everything they’d want from their local convenience grocery store.

Located in Ealing, White City, Wembley, Canary Wharf, Chalk Farm, and now Dalston—opening today, the stores are powered by Amazon’s Just Walk Out Technology.

Whilst Just Walk Out Technology offers customers visiting our new Amazon Fresh stores an effortless shopping trip, it’s our friendly, experienced team of employees who welcome and support our customers in stores. Our store employees are always on hand and happy to help with a product recommendation or to help find an item in the store, as well as ensure the shelves are fully stocked, handle quality checks, and staff the stores’ pickup and returns counter. They also prepare a range of delicious “by Amazon” hot foods, in-store bakery items, and tasty breakfast treats and sandwiches, fresh every day in store.

Get to know some of our great team below:
  • Paul, Store Manager, Amazon Fresh Dalston
    Paul Duke in the Amazon Fresh store in Dalston
    Paul Duke is the Store Manager at Amazon Fresh Dalston
    Favourite Food: When I need a quick but delicious dinner, the “by Amazon” Our Selection Buffalo Ricotta, Porcini Mushroom & Truffle Girasoli always delivers.

    After working his way up through the ranks at a number of retailers, including helping to launch the Amazon Fresh White City store, Paul is now manager of our newest store in Dalston. He brings with him a focus on customer service and employee development as he builds his team and oversees the smooth day-to-day running of the store.

    Paul says, “The open, approachable style of management at Amazon really suits me. I love walking around the store greeting customers and doing my best to ensure people leave with a smile. I can’t wait for us to get to know the local community in Dalston.”

    Outside of work, Paul’s interests include playing golf and watching football and horse-racing. A self-confessed foodie, Korean, Italian, and Spanish food are currently at the top of Paul’s shopping list.
  • Clieo, Senior Store Manager, Amazon Fresh Chalk Farm
    Clieo Stephenson at the Amazon Fresh store in Chalk Farm
    Clieo Stephenson is the Senior Store Manager at Amazon Fresh Chalk Farm
    Favourite Food: The “by Amazon” ready to cook range is fantastic! I love spice so highly recommend the “by Amazon” Spiced Pork Belly Slices with a Ginger, Garlic & Chilli Sauce.

    With a degree in Psychology from Brunel University and five years in store management behind her, Clieo joined Amazon to manage our store in Chalk Farm. She sees her role as focusing on team development, everyday operations, maintaining high store standards, and always improving the customer experience.

    Clieo says, “It is very important to me as a young woman to be a strong role model for my team. I encourage my colleagues to always think big, innovate, and share ideas to help shape the business as we grow. I also love learning more about everyone and celebrating all the different cultures we have amongst us.”

    When not at work, Clieo trains for the 100m sprint with her squad at Brunel University where she competes at an international level. She has trained since the age of nine when she broke the school record and was scouted by a coach. Clieo became a national champion and is currently working towards competing in the World Championships.
  • Inka, Store Employee, Amazon Fresh Wood Wharf
    Inka Kouakou holding croissants in the Amazon Fresh bakery
    Inka Kouakou is a Store Employee at Amazon Fresh Wood Wharf
    Favourite Food: I really enjoy working in the kitchen and can’t get enough of the “by Amazon” Spinach Mac and Cheese. If you fancy something sweet, definitely try the “by Amazon” Sicilian Lemon Tart!

    Born in France, Inka now lives in South East London. She has worked in the Amazon Fresh Wood Wharf store since May after friends who worked in the White City store encouraged her to apply. Inka’s background in hospitality, working front of house in London bars and restaurants, makes her a natural at greeting customers, answering questions about the store, and building relationships with the regulars. Inka’s role is varied and also includes replenishing the shelves, helping customers with their Pickups and Returns, and preparing fresh food in the in-house kitchen and bakery.

    Inka says, “I have learnt new skills and become more independent at work. I really enjoy the training and I’m at the stage now where I can coach others and pass on my knowledge. I especially love communicating the tech element of the store - Just Walk Out Technology is amazing!”

    Inka has a keen interest in the law and is exploring a future career as a solicitor. Outside of work, she hopes to become as good of a cook as her parents, loves dining out with friends, and taking part in escape rooms.
  • Razvan, Lead Operations Employee, Amazon Fresh Wembley Park
    Razvan Chirita working at the Amazon Fresh Wembley store
    Razvan Chirita is the Lead Operations Employee at Amazon Fresh Wembley Park
    Favourite Food: I’m a big fan of classic flavours and you can’t go wrong with the “by Amazon” Ham & Cheese sandwich!

    Razvan joined the Amazon Fresh stores team after two years working for Amazon Fresh online grocery delivery. After being promoted to supervisor, Razvan transferred to the Wembley Park store to become a Lead Operation Employee and is now responsible for supporting deliveries, focusing on customer satisfaction, and developing the team.

    Razvan says, “I really enjoy welcoming customers to our store for the first time. I’m fascinated by tech so showing people how easy it is to shop here never gets old. Working in the Wembley Park store is particularly exciting, especially on match days. There is such a great atmosphere.”

    With a background in Electrical Engineering, Razvan is also studying Business Management and Web Development, through the Amazon Career Choice programme, which pays up to 95% of tuition and fees (up to a yearly maximum) towards a certificate or diploma in qualified fields of study, leading to in-demand jobs. Razvan is currently learning coding to help advance his future career prospects.
  • Cris, Lead Operations Employee, Amazon Fresh White City
    Cris Bassan at Amazon Fresh White City
    Cris Bassan is a Lead Operations Employee at Amazon Fresh White City
    Favourite Food: I love to start the day with the “by Amazon” Smoked Ham and Cheddar Croissant!

    Cris moved to London from Brazil in 1999 and gained extensive experience in hospitality. He has worked as a head chef, waiter, and restaurant manager before joining as one of our very first Amazon Fresh store employees. Since joining, Cris has been promoted to a Leader on Duty and his role entails technical tasks as well as problem-solving, shift management, staff training, and providing the best customer service.

    Cris says, “I love problem solving in this role – I didn’t have any previous tech experience but I’m learning every day and discovering solutions is incredibly satisfying. I’m so proud to be part of the team that has brought this concept to the UK. Every day is different and I get so much out of my work.”

    In his spare time, Cris’s main passion is music. He has been part of a heavy metal band since 2009 and is looking forward to returning to playing gigs and festivals, touring and recording.
  • Ntaiana, Lead Operations Employee, Amazon Fresh Ealing Broadway
    Ntaiana Karamoutsa working at the Amazon Fresh store in Ealing Broadway
    Ntaiana Karamoutsa is a Lead Operations Employee at Amazon Fresh Ealing Broadway
    Favourite Food: Our “by Amazon” Prawn Mayo sandwich is the best… guaranteed!

    Ntaiana studied Accounting and Finance in Greece before moving to London. She joined Amazon Fresh stores at the beginning of the year and was recently promoted. Her tasks include training and mentoring new team members, monitoring Pickup and Returns, supervising and receiving deliveries, and helping customers. As well as working in Ealing, Ntaiana lives locally and is proud to play an active role in her local community.

    Ntaiana says, “Joining Amazon has encouraged me to take ownership of advancing my career. I didn’t have any experience managing and coaching people before this job, and I want to harness what I’ve learnt as I progress within Amazon. There are so many opportunities here, in and outside of retail, and I’m excited about the future.”

    She loves travelling, with Portugal and Thailand next on her must-see list. In the meantime, Ntaiana enjoys exploring London, eating Greek food and walking her Pomeranian, Beau.

Working for Amazon

Amazon provides some of the most advanced workplaces of their kind in the world, with industry-leading pay, processes and systems to ensure the well-being, and safety of all employees. We’re proud to offer employees working in Amazon Fresh stores in the UK a starting hourly wage of £11.10, in addition to a full benefits package, from day one.

Amazon aspires to be Earth’s Best Employer, and we are committed to giving our Amazon Fresh store team—and all of our employees—the resources to be successful in their roles and future careers.

We are excited to hire more members of the team as we continue to open stores across Greater London.

Find out more about Amazon Fresh in London.
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