Amazon Prime Air drone
Prime Air is a delivery system from Amazon designed to safely get packages to customers in 30 minutes or less using unmanned aerial vehicles, also called drones.

Meet the students benefitting from the Amazon Future Engineer bursary scheme

Together with the Royal Academy of Engineering we have now expanded our Amazon Future Engineer bursary scheme to support women studying computer science and related engineering courses at UK universities.


How city planners are using Amazon Web Services to ‘model the future’

A unique approach to modelling made possible by the power of the AWS Cloud will help cities to be designed more effectively for the demands of COVID-19 and beyond.


Boosting digital innovation for small and medium-sized businesses in the East of England

Tech East’s Tim Robinson explains why Amazon’s ‘working backwards’ methodology for innovation can have a big impact on small and medium-sized businesses in the East of England.

“Alexa, to be or not to be?”

In celebration of Shakespeare Day 2021, Alexa has learnt to speak Shakespearean and can now recite popular lines, soliloquies and insults.


How cloud technology is helping migrants stay safe during the pandemic

We spoke to the International Organization for Migration to find out how it’s working with Amazon Web Services to scale up the services it provides to migrants worldwide.

“Alexa, call RNIB Helpline”

The RNIB Helpline is a gateway to essential services for blind and partially sighted people, which have been vital during the pandemic and can prevent people from becoming isolated.

Easy like an Alexa morning

To show how easy mornings at home can be using an Alexa Routine, Amazon has built a Rube Goldberg-inspired machine made up of over 500 household components.

“Alexa, what’s Susie Dent’s Word of the Day?”

From nod-crafty to mumpsimus, language expert and broadcaster Susie Dent is teaming up with Amazon’s Alexa to inspire Brits to discover new words every day for the next month.

Data Privacy Day: How our Devices and Services teams protect your privacy

Meet some of the Amazon employees working to keep your information safe.

Watch festive entertainment on Echo Show with Netflix and new video features

Netflix, Spotify podcasts and video calling all get an update on Echo devices to bring customers more joy this holiday season.
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