Amazon Prime Air drone
Prime Air is a delivery system from Amazon designed to safely get packages to customers in 30 minutes or less using unmanned aerial vehicles, also called drones.

Alexa the pet whisperer: tips to keep pets calm with Amazon devices on Bonfire Night

Find out how Amazon devices can help keep your pets calm on Bonfire Night.


AWS launches new accelerator for early stage startups

Startups in EMEA will be supported with technology, product development, advice, and funding through new AWS Startup Loft Accelerator.

“Alexa, do you like scary movies?”

There’s a new way to discover some of the best scary movies with Fire TV this Halloween.

"Alexa, let’s get ready for school"

As new research finds that school day mornings are the most stressful part of the day for parents, Alexa has a new Routine to help make mornings easier.

“Alexa quite literally saved my life!”

Alexa enabled devices have become a convenient addition to many households— and in some cases, Alexa is helping our customers when they need it most.

“Alexa, open RNIB Talking Books”

From the First World War to modern innovations, the RNIB’s Talking Books has helped blind or partially sighted people enjoy thousands of audio books.


FORMULA 1 and AWS develop next-generation race car

F1 reveals new car design made possible by operating project in AWS Cloud, saving time and money

Amazon announces all-new Alexa experiences built for kids in the UK

Children can now enjoy a range of rich, kid-friendly content, features, and unique skills on Alexa, overseen by smart parental controls.

How can Amazon Kids+ on Alexa support young learners?

Following the arrival of all-new Echo Dot Kids and Amazon Kids and Amazon Kids+ on Alexa, educational experts behind Numberblocks and Alphablocks share how Alexa-enabled devices can expand young learners’ horizons.

Meet the UK winners of the Amazon Research Awards

Amazon is backing innovation in the UK: from robotics exploring space, to machine learning that will transform entire industries, these projects are shaping our future.
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