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Amazon donates 10,000 Fire Tablets with Teach First to help school children most in need

Amazon and Teach First are working together to ensure more children across the UK have access to the technology they need for home schooling and learning in the long term.

Top tips to win the Amazon Longitude Explorer Prize

As the deadline approaches for entries to the Amazon Longitude Explorer Prize, past winners have been sharing their inspiration with this year’s contestants.

Meet the UK small businesses going global with Amazon

We speak with the entrepreneurs selling their products worldwide thanks to global selling support from Amazon, with a new bootcamp launching to help small businesses looking to export

Brave Edinburgh driver who saved families from a fire is a true hero

‘He saved my life, my children’s lives and also my neighbours’ life.'

Home schooling resources for parents, carers and children during lockdown

As lockdown continues across the country, we’ve put together a guide to all of our free learning resources to help parents and students learning from home.
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