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Co-op is now on Amazon.co.uk! Same-day grocery delivery included with Prime

Starting in Glasgow, Amazon Prime members can now shop the ‘Co-op on Amazon’ storefront

Q&A with AWS InCommunities: driving global change in tech

AWS InCommunities Global Leader Cornelia Robinson shares her inspiration and aspiration to drive global change in tech.

Our recruiters offer their best tips for interviewing at Amazon

Prepare for Amazon’s interview questions, learn more about the process, and find out how we hire and develop the best.

Grow your brand with Amazon’s European Brand Owners Summit

Amazon’s European Brand Owners Summit is a two-day conference for Brand Owners across Europe, featuring free virtual events which demonstrate how to leverage your brand on Amazon.

Amazonians support their community: Mark Chew is giving back to his local community in Bolton

At our site in Bolton, General Manager’s Assistant Mark Chew is making a positive impact both at work and in the local community.

Meet the team behind our Amazon Fresh UK stores

With six Amazon Fresh grocery convenience stores now open in London, find out more about the people bringing them to life

2020: Amazon’s Economic Impact in the UK

We're continuing to invest in the UK, create jobs, develop talent and make a positive impact in communities

Amazon announces Career Day 2021, one of the biggest free virtual recruiting events in the UK

Career Day will feature livestreamed sessions with Amazon employees and industry experts, and 3,000 free one-to-one career coaching sessions.

Retraining as an engineer with Amazon made my career dreams a reality

Camila Rey Da Rosa made a bold career move and is now a Mechatronics Engineering Apprentice with Amazon.

"Alexa, let’s get ready for school"

As new research finds that school day mornings are the most stressful part of the day for parents, Alexa has a new Routine to help make mornings easier.

Amazon Small Business Accelerator has now supported more than 200,000 startups and small businesses to build digital skills during COVID-19

New research for Amazon reveals 81% of UK small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) invested in digital skills over the past year spending an average of 5% of turnover.
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